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Plague and famine episode in North Africa.1


DecemberThe Samanid dynasty ends in Bokhara.
The Liao Dynasty launches a major offensive against tthe Song Dynasty. They meet near Shanyang, north of the Song capital of Kaifeng.
Battle of Shanzhou: The Liao Dynasty general Xiao Talin is picked off by an elite Song Chinese crossbow sniper.


May 14Henry II is crowned Holy Roman Emperor at Pavia. A quarrel between his German companions and the Pavese erupts into a full-scale battle.
Henry II launches war against Boleslav of Poland. It lasts until 1018.
Boleslaus I of Poland loses Bohemia after having become duke the previous year. He is succeeded as duke of Bohemia by Jaromir.
Sancho III becomes king of Navarre, Aragon and Castille.
Sweyn I of Denmark destroys Norwich.
Aberdeen becomes a bishopric.
Arabs sack Pisa.
The troops of the vizir Al-Mansur sack the Catalan city of Manresa.2
Pope John XVIII (1004–1009).


Abdallah ibn Al-Aftas (approximate date) (d. 1060)
Goda of England (d. 1055)


November 13Abbon of Fleury
Adelaide of Aquitaine, wife of Hugh Capet
Erik the Red (or 1003) (b. 950)
Li Jiqian, Tangut jiedushi who ruled the new Western Xia Dynasty in northwestern China (b. 963)

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