A Belgian Brewery Will Tap Its Own Underground Beer Pipeline
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September 26, 2014: Due to traffic congestion, a brewery in Bruges, Belgium plans to build an underground pipeline through which beer can be pumped from the original facility to a new one from where the beer can be moved into tankers and shipped away.



Game and Story Use

  • A city famous for its distilleries might feature a whole network of such pipelines, not only leading to shipping centers but also pubs serving their brews.
  • Oil pipelines are already subject to theft by installing illegal taps. Beer pipelines would also be an attractive target.
  • Anyone who wants to poison the beer supply could also mess around with the pipelines - whether it is just with a mundane poison or alchemical or magical substances that cause all sorts of strange effects in the imbibers.
  • Beer is not the only possible substance that could be transported - wine or other drinkable fluids would also work. As might grains, nuts, or other similar food items.
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