A Prophetess Offers Hope for Quake-Ravaged Haitians
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February 23, 2010: The Haiti-born American Junon Brutus, also known as "Soeur Junon" (Sister Junon) in Haiti, is now hailed by many Haitians as a prophetess after she allegedly predicted the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Brutus, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, claims that in January 2007 God told her to warn the Haitian people of an impending disaster, but that her warnings fell on deaf ears. Now she has thousands of followers, and even Haitian President René Préval has paid her a visit.

Furthermore, she says she has a notebook full of plans and drawings for the future of Haiti, and waits for God's approval to reveal those plans in detail.

"Haiti will be a light in the world. What needs to be done, not a human can do it," she says. "There will be seven years of abundance, and Haiti will be a world wonder."

She also says that her message is not only for today's Haitians, but also for their descendants, as she claims that the diaspora of the Haitians will end and the descendants of the nation will return.



Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps she is a time traveler, and both her warnings and her plans are based on future knowledge. If so, she would have enough power to really shape the future of the nation and perhaps even make it into the utopia she talks about.
  • Less charitably, she could be a charlatan out to establish a personality cult around her.
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