A Wizard Did It
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Basic Information

A world building / plotting trope that uses the existence of magic in a setting to explain away any part of the setting that seems incongruent.

This can be legitimate - functional magic must be expected to make signifcant changes to all aspects of technology and may well be behind some aspects of the setting - indeed it might even be discordant if it wasn't. It's also legitimate if that particular element is meant to be discordant and even makes people in setting wonder.

This trope only really applies when the use of "it's magic" is used to cover up continuity errors, research failures and other unacceptable breaks in reality caused by lack of thought or effort on behalf of the author.

Where magic is not generally a major force in the setting, but is still invoked for these purposes, the trope may be stretched to A Wizard Did It And Then Ran Away.


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Game and Story Use

  • The Wizard who Did It could make in interesting high-level NPC.
    • Why is there some wizard messing with reality? Curiosity? Idealism? To let in some eldritch abomination?
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