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Basic Information

An Abbess is the title given to a female leader of a Christian monastery, such as a nunnery. It's male equivalent is an Abbot.

See Also:

  • Information relevant to both the male and female versions of this position can be found on the Abbot page.
  • Abbess Gertrude Of Nivelles
  • Monk - this page has a lot of information relevant to monastery life in general, and at the moment we don't yet have a nun page.



Game and Story Use

  • In the real world, an Abbot and Abbess are likely to have differing powers and responsibilities, stemming from certain religions limiting the priesthood to males. In a fantasy world or other unique setting, the GM/author gets to choose if these are two distinct positions with differing career paths and authority, or if something more egalitarian is the norm.
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