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Abjuration (literally meaning "swearing away") is a school of magic which may specialise in a number of different effects, depending on the setting.

The obvious role for abjuration is as "the opposite" of conjuration magic and/or invocation/summon magic, dealing with either preventing things from appearing or with getting rid of those that already have. This would make abjuration spells an obvious part of the summoner/invoker's portfolio. Abjurers are also sometimes seen working defensive and protective magics in general and in dispelling unwanted workings, so ward magic may also be within their purview, and this sort of abjuration is more likely to lead to wizards who act as security consultants or bodyguards.

In general this school should be seen as specialising in keeping things out and getting rid of them. As with warders, an abjurer may well be a useful person to have around when forging magical armour or building the fantasy equivalent of a SCIF.

An abjurer is likely to be watchful - possibly to the point of paranoia - cautious and defensive in outlook and probably has plans for all sorts of eventualities.

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