Abusive Precursors
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Basic Information

Abusive Precursors are the ancient evil from The Dark Times. They are like Neglectful Precursors, except they meant to create the mess they left behind. This can range from god-like beings with a perverse sense of humor, all the way to actually being the Sealed Evil In A Can.

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Game and Story Use

  • Since most Precursors plotlines end up being Neglectful Precursors whether you intend it or not, you might as well just go all out and make them abusive.
  • A fair amount of mileage could be squeezed out of the notion of depicting the greek pantheon as abusive precursors, or vice-versa. It worked for Star Trek.
  • More Darwinian benevolent precursors may appear abusive as the "training tools" they left behind harry their successors - bonus points if biological differences make things harsher than intended for the successor species.
    • Similarly, one species' benevolent precursors are another's abusive precursors. Especially if a newcomer species was unexpected, or if two precursor races were at war before their successors traded locations.
  • In a setting with a titanomachy in the background, the titans may fulfill this role.
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