Academy Of Adventure
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Basic Information

A school where things most people don't even believe in must be dealt with on a daily basis by students and faculty. This could be because the students are superheroes in training, or because the classes are intended to train wizards and witches, or the students might even be monsters. Or the school might have been normal until certain student and/or faculty members signed up there. Whatever the case, the key factor is that this educational facility is abnormal.


2. novel: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and sequels by J.K. Rowling
3. movie: Sky High — set in a high school for kids with super-powers.
4. RPG: GURPS: IOU — a wacky RPG setting in an insane university.
5. RPG: Teenagers From Outer Space (R. Talsorian) — Insane anime-style high school comedy.
6. Web Serial: The Gods Are Bastards has one class of an adventurer university as its primary cast.

Game and Story Use

  • Such an Academy of Adventure could be a fun change-of-pace setting for a campaign. See some of the sources listed in the Bibliography for examples.
  • Or, the Academy could be part of the backstory for one or more of the PC's
  • The PC's might encounter an important NPC who is a faculty member of the Academy
  • Or the PC's might visit such an Academy
    • Maybe they are invited to be guest lecturers
  • In a system that uses variable 'background mana' levels a school may be wierd because it has been deliberately set up in a high mana area for easier magic training. The wierdness is a side effect of all that stray mana.
    • Alternatively the wierdness is a result of all the students botching their practice spells.
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