Action Girl
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Basic Information

She's beautiful, she's sexy and she can clean your clock. She's the Action Girl. Perhaps she comes from an Amazon culture of warrior women; perhaps her father was a kick-butt hero who taught her all his moves; perhaps she's a farm girl with a dozen older brothers who learned fighting as a survival trait; perhaps her family is a ninja clan where everybody is an assassin. No matter what the reason, she is as lethal as she is beautiful.



Game and Story Use

  • Let's face it; this is the default character type for any female PC in an action-oriented game
    • So treat it as a starting point and see what you can to do differentiate your Warrior Princess from all the other ones
  • They also make nice, sexy NPC antagonists.
    • And perhaps also romantic foils.
      • Of course most Action Girls prefer a broadsword to a foil.
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