Activist Fundamentalist Antics
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Basic Information

When a Fundamentalist gets on the nerves of even other Fundamentalists, he is likely engaging in Activist Fundamentalist Antics. He will shout slogans for his cause at the most inappropriate times, even at funerals, and his general assumption is that people who don't share his world view must be idiots and need to be told so at the greatest possible volume. Note that whislt this trope is usually applied to religious fundamentalists, it is also entirely applicable to fanatical adherents of other ideologies as well.

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Game and Story Use

  • In general, while it is always easy to throw an antagonist doing Activist Fundamentalist Antics at the player characters - giving them an instant reason to dislike him - it's usually far more fun to have someone doing them for their cause, and watch them deal with the embarrassment.
  • Or to discover that they actually need him for something - for example, to perform an exorcism, or some other procedure in which an utterly uncompromising faith is a significant advantage.
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