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Basic Information

Adlets are creatures from Inuit Mythology. Although the term also refers to inland native American tribes, it also describes a tribe with the lower body of a dog and the upper body of a human, taller than normal people. They are supposed to be very fast, and encounters with them often end up in combat. According to some tales, they are cannibals.

According to the legend, they are born to an Inuit woman who marries a dog and has 10 children. Five are adlets, and five are dogs which are sent over the ocean in a makeshift boat where they become the ancestors of white people - that is, Europeans.


1. Eskimo Tales and Songs by by H. Rink and F. Boas (1889)

Game and Story Use

  • Even if the dog offspring of the woman aren't the ancestors of all Europeans, perhaps they are the ancestors of European werewolves.
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