Adrenaline Makeover
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Basic Information

She starts out as a shy, mousey, bookish type. Then she stumbles into Adventure, and while dodging bullets and fighting ninjas, she winds up losing the glasses, the frumpy sweater and the sensible shoes and winds up looking like a knockout.

As character development arcs go, the Adrenaline Makeover is perhaps a shallow one; but it's development of a sort. Usually such a character was Beautiful All Along, but just needed to come out of her shell. And into a kevlar-reinforced push-up bra.


Game and Story Use

  • This kind of character development is difficult to pull off with a PC unless the GM and the Player agree to it ahead of time.
  • It would probably work better with an NPC buddy: When we first meet her she is the frumpy bookworm, but as she gains more experiences with the PC's adventures, she becomes more of an Ally than a Support Character, and her appearence can change to reflect her change in competence.
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