Adventure Towns
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Basic Information

Adventure towns are a type of setting which the protagonists visit and soon after get involved in an adventure. Typically, they don't linger much once the local problem is solved and move on to the next location in the campaign or series.

This is the equivalent of Monster Of The Week

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Game and Story Use

  • Adventure towns work well if the player characters need a quick change of scenery - they can come into town, deal with the local problem for a single adventure, and then move on without having to worry how this will affect the rest of the campaign - and the GM doesn't have to remember events there for future adventures, either.
  • An important subtype is the town with attached dungeon - something of an RPG cliché, but logical in context. An example being Glorantha's New Pavis - a town built onto the outside of the city walls of an ancient, ruined city for which probing the ruins is a significant part of the economy.
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