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Basic Information

Africa is the second-largest continent on Earth. Because of the way the mercator projection used on many maps stretches the representation of areas near the poles, Africa may be much larger than you're envisioning. (In the bibliography block below there's a link to a site that has accurate comparative maps that show just how huge Africa really is.)

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Resources and Treasures


Mythological and Fictional Creatures


History and Miscellaneous Topics


2. Visual Capitalist link to page of comparative maps of just how large Africa truly is - it turns out that the USA, China, India, and most of Europe are collectively all-together about as big as Africa alone. Africa is huge.

Game and Story Use

  • Africa is huge, with a great diversity of countries, cultures and societies. Not to mention lots of different terrain types. Great for globe-trotting adventure, and great mysteries hidden away in remote regions.
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