After The End
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Basic Information

After the End is a type of setting. It takes place in a world where a devastating event reduced most of civilization to rubble.

Most ATE settings are set twenty-minutes-into-the-future - or further, but it's worth remembering that the Dark Ages of Europe after the fall of Rome qualify as well, as do parts of Central Asia and the Middle East after the Mongols blew through. Many Fantasy settings include the "Fall of Rome" meme with a pre-existing civilisation that has now fallen1 and whose ruins provide the dungeons for PCs to crawl about in. Atlantis is also an End you might wish your setting to be after…

See Also:
Post Apocalyptic Decay for a timeline of how man's monuments and cities would collapse if some event removed their caretakers.



Game and Story Use

  • The scarcity of resources in such a setting will encourage player ingenuity to make do with what they have, while the lack of civilization can make them feel that they really can make a difference and rebuild the world through their own efforts.
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