Aggressive Squirrels Terrorize NYC Residents
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December 29 - December 30, 2020: Multiple neighbors in one part of New York City report having been attacked by hyper-aggressive squirrels. it sounds funny, but if you look at the video (below) you'll see there was a lot of human blood shed in the unprovoked attacks. Apparently the little buggers are vicious, and can bite pretty hard and latch on to a flailing human and refuse to let go. It's way more horrific than you might think. The reason for the attacks was unknown, but not expected to be rabies at least (based on how rare rabies is in squirrels and other small rodents).

Attempts to use a live trap to catch the squirrels had not been successful as of the time of reporting.

See Also: Squirrel Power! and Squirrel Invasion of 1801 for other examples of the trouble these beasts may cause.


2. Video of the aftermath - it ain't pretty

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