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Basic Information

The AirJelly is a flying robot based on a jellyfish.


Game and Story Use

  • In a Science Fiction setting, these could become surveillance robots, capable of taking pictures from the air - a direction most people won't expect.
  • Since these are lighter than air, they will have trouble operating in regions with strong air currents. Thus, they might operate mainly in controlled habitats, such as domed cities.
    • Alternatively, if they are cheap enough to produce you might even use them in regions with strong air currents. Perhaps they are sent out in extremely large numbers to explore the environment. Or during a war or insurrection, the enemy is downwind somewhere and you send them out to explore the territory - either they manage to take pictures of enemy installations, or their destruction sends out a signal that the enemy is somewhere in the region…
  • In our world, there are no flying jellyfishes. But in other worlds, they might have developed and become part of the aerial ecosystem.
  • Perhaps these robots can be made a lot smaller and fashioned into a swarm.
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