Alien Biology
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Basic Information

Extraterrestrial / alien life is likely to be rather different than that found here on earth. Even in a setting where exogenesis or panspermia proves true, and carbon-based life is the galactic norm, there will be billions of years of evolution for alien biochemistry, biology, and genetics to diverge from that exhibited on earth.

Subtypes and Related Topics

There are many ways in which alien life can be different than life as we know it. Rather than make one huge page attempting to address all the permutations, this page will serve as an index of links to other pages exploring facets of this topic.

Artificial Life:


See Also:


1. Non-Fiction Book: The Science of Aliens by Clifford Pickover

Game and Story Use

  • The pages that the above links lead to should provide plenty of ideas for aliens, monsters, and environmental hazards in your campaign. Follow the links for more information.
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