Amateurs Are Trying Genetic Engineering At Home
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Basic Information

Just as the first Apple Computer was cobbled together in a garage, today some amateur geneticists are trying to rewrite DNA in their own home-made labs.


Game and Story Use

  • Good gravy! Who knows what kind of havoc a do-it-yourself Dr. Frankenstien could whip up! Plagues! Mutant viruses! Artificial Life forms that only the PC's can stop!
  • Or… a brilliant amateur has come up with an genetically modified life form that can benefit society, but Sinister Forces want to suppress it! Can you save him?
  • Chances are, the PCs might well be the ones with the Jr. Mad Scientist kit. In that case, you'll definitely have chaos.
  • The back street gene lab is becoming increasingly popular in modern fiction as a source of black market upgrades and terror weapons alike.
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