Amazon Brigade
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Basic Information

They're an elite team of fighters and every one of them is a guaranteed knockout. The Amazon Brigade follows the principle that if one Action Girl is a badass, then a whole team of them is a badass army. They kick butt, and yes, because it's a trope, they look great as they kick it.

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Game and Story Use

  • Unless everyone in your group is playing a female character, you probably won't be using these as PC's.
    • On the other hand, "former member of an Amazon Brigade" makes a good background for an Action Girl character, and some of her ex-teammates could turn up as NPC's
    • And if you do happen to have an all-female or mostly-female group of heroes, they just might embody this trope.
      • Also, keep in mind that Amazon Brigades sometimes have Token Males in a support role (such as Bosley in Charlie's Angels, or Mackie in Bubblegum Crisis). He'd be The One Guy.
  • Usually, the Amazon Brigade works better as NPC's (mostly so that the players are free to choose the gender of their own PCs)
  • Some possible Amazon Brigades:
    • The BBEG keeps a squad of sexy Amazons who double as his harem and his bodyguards.
      • Or perhaps since No Man is allowed in the Princess' chambers, she is protected by combat handmaidens.
    • They can be a "Ladies' Auxillery" to the mostly male force.
    • Then there's that staple of the '60s, the Evil Feminist Spy Agency
    • And that other staple of the '60s, the Robots Built by a Pervert Cyberneticist
    • Or you could just, y'know, have a bunch of badass female characters in your game, without feeling the need to qualify it in concepts that haven't aged well.
  • Fury Road, Kill Bill, Suckerpunch, Wonder Woman and Avengers: End Game all provide solid movie archetypes to draw inspiration from. Some are better examples than others, admittedly.
  • It's not at all uncommon for RPGs to have all-female organizations or character classes.
    • Werewolf has the Black Furies.
    • Shadowrun has the Desolation Angels.
    • Feng Shui RPG has that convent full of Sisters of Mercy, and the 8-armed Shiva Squadron.
    • Deadlands had the Wichita Witches.
    • Warhammer 40k has the Sisters of Battle. Necromunda had the Escher gang.
    • Scion RPG has the mythical Amazons themselves.
    • Again, some examples are trope-ier (or more game-able) than others. YMMV, etc.
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