Amazonian Beauty
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Basic Information

She's a Heavy-Duty Beauty. She has muscles on her muscles. Some men are turned off by women who are stronger than they are; but for guys who like a nice healthy gal, the Amazonian Beauty is a whole-lotta-woman. She is by no means ugly or mannish; she's quite sexy; but she also can crack walnuts with her biceps and bench press a Buick.



Game and Story Use

  • An Amazonian Beauty makes a sexy but intimidating adversary.
    • Probably especially intimidating in any culture where women are not meant to be physically strong (in reality, that's most human cultures, but to varying degrees - the more unusual it is, the more she is likely to rub male warriors up the wrong way1).
  • Usually a team's Brick is a guy, but if there's an Amazonian Beauty on the team, she might fill that role
    • An Amazon Brigade may well have one as their Brick
    • We would immediately say "Zoe" … but despite being arguably Serenity's top fighter, she wasn't actually all that muscular.
  • An Amazonian Beauty might serve as The Dragon for the BBEG.
    • Could make for an interesting themed bodyguard - especially if you have an amazon brigade of them.
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