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Basic Information

Amblypygi, aka Tail-less Whip Scorpions are really creepy looking bugs. They have 6 legs used for walking, plus two long grasping arms, and two even-longer long whip-like antennae. They look a lot like spiders and scorpions, but are not technically either. They're their own Order, and about 150 species of Amblypygi exist. Luckily, they're totally harmless to humans, and most species are only about an inch (around 20 or 30 mm) long. They are typically found in tropical environments.

They hunt by feeling and sensing around with their long whips, then crushing prey with the oversized grasping arms and smaller jaws.

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Game and Story Use

  • Creeeeeepy. Two many arms, legs, and whips. Show off a few pictures or videos of these things, and you'll be able to creep or gross out much of your play group.
  • Totally harmless at their real-world scale. But if a Mad Scientist bred Giant Amblypygi, that'd be pretty crazy.
    • Old School D&D had these, called them "Pedipalps", which is actually the technical term for the large grasping arms.
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