Amelia Earhart
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Basic Information

Amelia Earhart was an American aviation pioneer from the 1920s-1930s. Despite her gender - which was a major barrier to getting anything done in that era, let alone driving an aircraft - and recurring health problems resulting from a bout of Spanish Influenza she blazed an impressive trail through the early days of flying. Amongst other achievements she was the first woman to fly an autogyro and the first to fly across the US (and later the Atlantic Ocean).

She was also a close associate of that other aviation pioneer Charles Lindberg, to whom she was sometimes said to have an eerie resemblance.

Besides the flying, Amelia was also a keen amateur scientist and outdoorswoman and served as a volunteer nurse during WW1 - which is how she caught the Spanish 'flu.

It was, however, the flying that seems to have done for her in the end. In 1937 she took off on her second attempt at a round the world flight and was last seen departing from a re-fuelling stop in Lae, New Guinea.

Theories as to what became of her abound, with some of the more prevalent ones including:

  • Crashed and sank at sea: mostly calculated on range and bearing from her last known location - and would fit with the apparent lack of evidence.
  • Crashed on one of the Gardner Islands: supported by a limited amount of rather ambiguous physical evidence recovered from a potential crash site.
  • Killed by the Japanese whilst spying on their campaign in China: unsupported by evidence, even after an extensive search of Japanese official archives.
  • Killed by the Japanese after landing on Saipan: derived from uncorroberated rumour.
  • Captured by the Japanese, forced to make Tokyo Rose broadcasts and then killed: somewhat contradicted by the fact that people who knew her well did not find any of the Tokyo Rose broadcasters who sounded like Amelia.
  • Crashed on the Island of Rabaul: based on Australian patrol reports from WW2 of an unidentified air crash site that may have matched some details of her aircraft.
  • Assumed another identity: undermined by a sucessful lawsuit from the person that she was said to have become.

… and there are others, up to and including alien abduction


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Game and Story Use

Amelia Earharts disappearance remains unknown to this very day… no one knows where she went and there is wide speculation on it. Some believe that they crashed after interference in navigation systems similar to that of many other occuring at the Bermuda Triangle to this day. Many people wonder what makes this happen, did they simply drown and sink into the ocean? But with no radio distress calls or anything? Some get out a few transmissions explaining where they are, and report there instruments malfunctioning, or being off course. People interested in science often come up with ideas like, maybe its a black hole, or magnetic fields, maybe they slipped into another dimension, no one knows…

With that being said this information could be used within a story as a portal to another world. I know it was kind of done in Star Gate, but it was kind of too simplistic. A more complicated explanation and usage of this should be made, perhaps it could be used in a game as a portal leading to other worlds, or maybe electrical currents are really the key to slipping into other dimensions, or maybe electricity itself is alive and kid-napping regular people at random. The list of stories and off-shoots that can be thought of for this is endless almost. If I could have helped write the story to Halo I would have changed so many things in the games after the first one. The first one is probably the greatest story ever written and devised next to the bible, if one were seeking to expand their own ideas about life and being alive in general I would like to highly recommend comparing the two together. They both mesh the ideas of god and aliens together. The best idea would be to utilize that knowledge to create something that blows both these stories out of the water because they both are already pretty big deals in our current day and age. (Name one kid over the age of like 12 [I bet you could go as low as 8] but under the age of like 35-40 that doesn't know what both of these stories are in at least a summary) Granted a lot of Halo's themes came from a book named Enders Game.

So to one person in an rpg; the player or even a character could experience literally everything in life within one life time and traverse the entire universe at the same time while learning everything in existence. It even sounds like science-fiction from not left right center or outfield, its like it appears out of thin air. Just like the big bang, some people even believe its possible with our current technology.

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