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Basic Information

An anchorhold is a small sealed room or cell attached to a church, in which an anchorite lives. The more interesting anchorholds are either bricked off, or sealed behind a heavy door, so as to restrict access.

A hagioscope is a small window in a church wall that connects to other rooms or areas so people in those areas can see inside the religious service. Most anchorholds will have one or more hagioscopes connecting them to the main room of the church. These may be large wall openings, small shutterable windows, or even sealed glass portholes.

Further details can be found on the anchorite page.


Game and Story Use

  • It's an interesting architectural feature to add to a church or cathedral floorplan to make it stand out as having a bit more history, and possibly a built-in NPC.
  • A relic, holy manuscript, or other macguffin the PCs need might be sealed behind the bricks of an anchorhold.
  • Additional ideas can be found on the anchorite page.
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