Ant mega-colony takes over world
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Basic Information

July 1, 2009: A certain type of Argentinia ants has spread around the world, forming large "super-colonies on different continents. What's more, the ants have identical chemical markers, allowing them to view each other as "family" and mingle without any aggression between individual hives. The following super-colonies essentially form a global "mega-hive" which was created and is maintained by human shipping and transportation:



Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps ants are inherently capable of becoming sapient as a Hive Mind - but the intelligence of the hive is proportional to the numbers of ants in them. Before modern transportation, the size a single hive could reach was very limited. But now, this hive might have reached true self-awareness - and it might be plotting to take over the world. After all, how could you stop it? Ants are everywhere and hard to kill in ways that won't affect nearby humans…
    • Perhaps other mega-hives are forming as well, and they are going to fight for global dominance - with humans caught in the middle. Perhaps the ants are trying to manipulate humans to exterminate the other hives, while leaving theirs alone or expanding it - and they become a secret faction similar to the Illuminati and other conspiracies.
      • To pick just one example, what if a super-hive was trying to weaken a rival hive with a base in New Orleans - and made sure that the dikes were too weak during Hurricane Katrina?
      • Maybe they will also support geoengineering if it makes the regions where rival hives live more hostile…
    • Humans might resort to biological warfare. The Zombie Fire Ants might be a trial run in this regard…
  • How large would a Hive Queen for such a hive get?
  • A supervillain able to control a single superhive at once via telepathy might become one of the greatest threats the world has ever seen. His spies could be everywhere…
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