Anti Hero
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Basic Information

The Anti-Hero is a character that is technically a hero, but lacks most of the traits associated with heroes. They may even seem to be the polar opposite of heroes, except when the chips are down and they do the right thing. Of course, sometimes the Anti-Hero just plain isn't a hero, and doesn't do the right thing, we only think of them as even mildly heroic because they're the Protagonist of the story.

Common Traits (and Tropes) of the Anti-Hero:

Variants and subtypes:



Game and Story Use

  • Very popular character concept amongst some players. A little anti-hero can add a lot of spice to a game.
    • The GM should keep an eye open for this, however, especially with new players. Sometimes it's a sign that the player "does not play well with others", and will lead to Party Infighting. Of course, if you're running a solo campaign or like a little PVP, that's not a problem.
    • Antiheroes work great in the Amber DRPG. Or rather, one or two genuine heroes, and the rest of the PCs as antiheroes or even total villains.
    • Someone like the Agent of Parliament from Serenity is an interesting subtype of anti-hero. A man who is prepared to pay any price - give up everything - for others, most of whom he will never meet and to create for them a better world in which he will have no place. Why is such a man not a hero? Because he's also something close to a heroic sociopath. Either as a PC or an NPC, ally or antagonist he's a hell of an interesting character.
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