Aquarius (Sun Sign)
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Basic Information

Sun Sign: Aquarius
Born: January 20-February 18
Innovator. Mad scientist. Humanitarian and Tolerant. Social Justice Warrior.
Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Sign: the Water-Bearer
Tarot Card: the Star


Game and Story Use

  • It says Mad Scientist up there, and we mean it. The Aquarius needs some "alone time" to recharge, and that's a perfect time for tinkering with your latest invention. If this, plus their built in sense of justice and fair play leads to the costumed vigilante superhero role, so much the better.
  • An aquarius can be shy and awkward, but doesn't like to feel lonely or to put up with annoying people. So they might be a good fish out of water or outsider character if transplanted from their home environs into a new place (or time: see fish out of temporal water).
    • And if the PCs are investigating a mystery when they see the outsider withdrawing to their workshop or just out of the lime light, this may draw some suspicion down on them. So you might have an Aquarius as a red herring that the PCs have to investigate and disprove their involvement in whatever plot or crime has set the plot in motion.
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