Archaeologists Discover Biggest Rat That Ever Lived
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July 26, 2010: Archaeologists working in East Timor discovered evidence of several large species of rats which lived until 1000 to 2000 years ago (their extinction was possibly caused by the large-scale clearing of forests for agriculture). The largest of these rats weighted about six kilograms.



Game and Story Use

  • So the "giant rats" of Dungeons & Dragons fame were real - and lived within recorded history! Surely an alternate history campaign where someone introduced them to Europe - where, of course, they would prosper during times of the plague like all rats do - wouldn't be too implausible…
  • Sooo… how powerful would a rat king made of these critters be?
  • East Timor is not all that far from Sumatra; and we all know what happens when a giant rat comes from Sumatra. Yep; it's a campaign for which the world is not yet prepared!
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