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Basic Information

Architecture (from the Greek archos and tecton - roughly "master builder") is the process of designing the built environment - traditionally buildings, but also terrain engineering and infrastructure. A practitioner of architecture is (ideally) known as an architect.

The practice of architecture has aspects of fine art (for the asethetic aspects of the work), civil engineering (for the structural and mechanical ones) and human geography (for the practical and applied aspects). A good architect should have a grasp of all of these, as well as a sense of what the profession calls genius loci - the spirit of place - albiet not in the manner traditionally used by writers of speculative fiction1. A bad architect can make life very unpleasant indeed, as was conclusively proved throughout the developed world in the 1960s and 70s.

Where there are paranormal aspects to a piece of architecture, this may involve sacred geometry or other forms of mystical correspondance - the very simplest examples of this might be the common cross motif in the floorplan of Christian church buildings or the alignment of mosques so that the prayer room points towards mecca.

For GMs and worldbuilders looking to try their hand at architecture in game, the designer notes are here to help.

Types of Buildings

Non-Building Architecture

Unique Architecture

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Game and Story Use

  • Architecture is a way various cultures express their differences, so describing different architectural styles will help making them come alive.
  • There is some overlap between Architecture and Terrain, in that sometimes the former can fulfill the role of the later. Or, especially in Fantasy, the other way around.
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