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Basic Information

An arcology is a gigantic structure which is a habitat for large numbers of people - frequently it is a city in its own right. Sometimes, arcologies are even self-sufficient.

See Also


1. Euroarcology - concepts for a "new European capital" in the form of an arcology
3. Ocean arcologies - inspirational artwork and concept art for arcologies built on the ocean.

Game and Story Use

  • An arcology can be a City of Adventure in its own right.
  • They also make for great scenery in science fiction settings.
  • As many arcologies are supposed to be self-sufficient, it might be possible to close them off from the surrounding areas. This can be a good thing - for example, when a Zombie Apocalypse is spreading around the countryside - or a bad thing (the zombies are already inside…).
    • It is also possible that terrorists or mad artificial intelligences take an arcology over - trapping thousands of people inside.
      • This once happened in the Shadowrun setting.
      • In this case, the PCs either need to break in - to rescue people trapped on the inside - or out (if they are among those trapped). It might or might not be necessary to defeat the main villains first…
  • Consider a fantasy arcology. Not only would such a locale make for a great Dungeon, but in such a setting the arcology could be an actual living creature that recycles waste and feeds its inhabitants!
      • Maybe the creature is a bound demon. Maybe it is an alchemical construct or a golem. Or maybe it is an entirely "natural" part of the local megafauna.
          • In the later case, maybe the creature is migratory - allowing its inhabitants to move with it and trade with other places along the way…
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