Are You Evil? Profiling That Which Is Truly Wicked
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October 27, 2008: Cognitive scientists are trying to create a computer character which is pure "Evil" to better understand the nature of Evil.

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2. Peck, M. Scott. (1983;1988). People of the Lie: The hope for healing human evil. ISBN 0 7126 1857 0 : a psychiatric perspective on the question of human evil.

Game and Story Use

  • The project might accidentally result in the summoning of a demonic entity taking the place of the computer character, which starts to manipulate the scientists in the project towards its own ends.
    • After a while, there might even be physical manifestations of said entities.
  • In a science fiction setting, researchers might create an actual artificial intelligence for the same purpose. Which will inevitably get loose and wreak havoc.
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