Aries (Sun Sign)
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Basic Information

Sun Sign: Aries
Born: March 21-April 19
Leader,pioneer and courageous trailblazer. Quick-witted. Impatient and stubborn, but unpredictable. Fights for their beliefs.
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Sign: Ram
Tarot Card: The Emperor


Game and Story Use

  • Decent team leader material, but tends to fly by the seat of their pants and may pressure the team to take action before a battleplan has been formed. "Follow me!" is great, as long as it doesn't shade into "Leeroy Jenkins!" territory.
  • Could also work for the recluse type, such as a Ranger that rarely sets foot in civilization any more due to impatience with other people's conformity. They may be on the same quest as a number of other characters, but if they see a way they could solve it all themselves, they may just take off into the underbrush and get it done.
    • So maybe this is great for the NPC quasi-opposition who have the same goal as the PCs, but aren't prepared to work together and would rather get their first.
  • Could be an explorer or a determined homesteader.
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