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Basic Information

Technically speaking, an armorsmith is someone who makes armour from metal. But, as with weaponsmith, the term is often used more generally to mean someone who makes armor, regardless of the material they make it from. The title also doesn't technically apply to unskilled labor putting together armor on an assembly line.
The non-metalworking versions might be more rightly refered to as armorers, but that term has other things it can mean as well, so "armorsmith" will probably do.

There are a few other terms that may apply to armorers who work in particular materials or on particular types of armor:

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Game and Story Use

  • A community with access only to a particular specialist type of armorsmith may result in interesting challenges or flavor in your campaign. If one group makes breastplates, a different group is equipped with chainmail, and a third can only manage crude hide armor, they'll have different game stats and may have to rely on different tactics or weaponry. See weaponsmith for related ideas.
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