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Basic Information

The Astrochicken is a form of Von Neumann Probe proposed by astrophysicist Freeman Dyson. It's a one-kilogram cyborg, genetically engineered to explore our solar-system. Rather than spending huge sums of money on a single large mission, Dyson proposes building numerous smaller probes. That way, one critical technical failure doesn't derail the entire program. At such a small expense per unit, each individual astrochicken is essentially expendable and disposable. They'd spread out throughout the solar system, exploring the planets and asteroids, and report back via built-in radio transmitters.

After launch into space in a sort of "egg", the Astrochicken would actually grow its own solar collector to power its ion drive engine. For propulsion on and near planets, it would use a biological chemical rocket modeled off Bombardier Beetles, powered by the ice and hydrocarbons it could scoop from Planetary Rings. The astrochicken would be able to reproduce, building microelectronic circuits from the resources harvested, and growing the biological parts of its offspring.


2. NonFiction Book: Hyperspace by Michio Kaku

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