Attack Of The Killer Whatever
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Basic Information

Attack Of The Killer Whatever is a classic horror trope.

Pick something - any something. Any type of animal, vegetable, or mineral, or a form of technology, or mythological creature, or an article of clothing. I mean really whatever. Whatever the whatever you chose, a horror film has been made in which those particular whatevers turn evil and attack.

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In real life:
News: Gulls' vicious attacks on whales


1. TV Tropes Wiki - complete with a list of incredibly stupid Whatevers that have actually appeared in such films.

Game and Story Use

  • Gives your game a delicious (or is that sour?) B-Movie flavor. As such, it's great for silly games, and one-shots, but might undermine a long-term serious campaign.
  • One variant is to make them Zombie whatevers. There's no need for the Rage Virus to only infect humans, after all. In fact, it might start in some other species and only later "jump" to humans.
    • Presumably, though, that does restrict your whatever to being a life form. It's hard for a virus to infect vehicles, and then jump species into humans, or vice-versa.
    • Though I supposed, according to Hollywood Science, a computer virus could (and has already several times before) jumped to humans, or at least to cyborgs. And I must admit, cyborg zombies would be pretty intimidating.
      • In cyberpunk it should probably be expected.
  • With or without actual zombies, an Attack Of The Killer Whatever scenario that goes unchecked has many of the same traits as a Zombie Apocalypse. It may be The End Of The World As We Know It. Over time, Post Apocalyptic Decay will set in. Etc.
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