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Australia is both a country and Earth's smallest continent. It is located in the southern hemisphere between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Cynics suggest that it is a good example of a Death World on a smaller scale, being known for its terrible weather, hostile terrain and dangerous wildlife.

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Game and Story Use

  • Its remote location makes Australia a popular setting for post-apocalyptic settings - the theory is that it is isolated enough from the rest of the world that the global plague or whatever the trigger for the apocalypse was doesn't reach its shores in time.
  • Conversely, in some settings only Australia is affected - as a way of showing that the event might have easily destroyed humanity, if the isolation of Australia hadn't prevented it.
  • Many people consider Australia hostile enough without an apocalypse - the place has more venomous, poisonous and generally disagreeable creatures per square inch than anywhere else on Earth and the weather tends to swing from one extreme to another, with very little moderation.
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