Authority Tropes
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Basic Information

Authority tropes are tropes about the different effects and displays of authority and obedience.

List of Authority Tropes

Tropes About Authority in General

Leader Characters of

Any Kind of Institution

The Kingdom

Non-character Tropes

The Military

A Company


A Town


And Love…



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Game and Story Use

  • Even if the PCs are "free agents", they will likely still have to deal with authority figures from time to time. When they are actually part of an organization, such contact will be far more frequent.
  • Of course, games where the player characters themselves are Authority can be a great deal of fun, since they have a lot of freedom and power to act as they will.
    • But don't neglect the often crushing responsibility - or the fact that if they screw up, they have to live with the consequences and can't ask anyone above them for help.
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