Automatically Violent
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Basic Information

Automatically Violent is a madness trope. With it, it is assumed that a character who becomes insane for whatever reason automatically also becomes violent, even if the character had no inclination for violence before.

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Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps developing a mental disorder makes one susceptible to spirits of violence - thus, people who suffer from any kind of mental trauma are a danger to those around them.
  • The old vaudeville sketch "Crazy Town" makes use of this trope, in which an innocently-uttered word or phrase causes every passer-by the character meets to snap and go into a maniacal rage. "Constantinople! Slowly I turned, step by step…"
  • This trope works better for NPCs than it does for PCs. If a player wants to go berserk like this, then the GM needs to be in control of the trigger mechanism
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