Bad Guy Bar
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[A guy gets thrown out of a rowdy bar and lands on the street next to Kermit]

GUY: That's toughest, meanest, *filthiest* pest hole on the face of the earth!
KERMIT: Why not complain to the owner?
GUY: I *am* the owner.

The Muppet Movie

Basic Information

The Bad Guy Bar is both a trope and a location. It is a dingy bar with shadowy booths, the perfect place for bad guys and minor villains to hang out, plot crimes, and network. It can also - and very often will - be a "Biker Bar" for a specific hostile subculture.

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Game and Story Use

  • In some settings, the Bad Guy Bar may have a neutrality policy, making it a place where the bad guys and good guys can intermingle and check up on each other without a war breaking out.
    • Of course, this may be just because the bar owner is the Big Bad Evil Guy and is hoping to seduce the PCs over to The Dark Side.
    • For the subversive setting creator, this may be because this is the one bar that doesn't discriminate on race/species - meaning that foreigners, minorities and even non-humans can be served there. Grey-on-grey morality abounds.
  • Likely hangout for Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.
  • If the leads dry up or clues peter out, the investigators can seek a jump start by asking questions over drinks at the Bad Guy Bar.
  • The sort of place where the PCs can hire some mercenary mooks.
  • A Wizard walks in to the bar… and thus the quest begins.
  • In The Western, the Bad Guy Bar might be a Dance-Hall or Brothel.
    • Or it might be the place where they organize the quick draw contest.
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