Badass Lolita
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Basic Information

"B-but she's just a kid!"

Yeah, that's what the Badass Lolita wants you to think. Maybe she was trained by ninjas. Maybe she has an arsenal of high-powered weaponry in her backpack. Maybe she's an avatar of a goddess of chaos or genetically engineered to possess incredible psychic powers. In some cases, she may have centuries of combat experience and only looks twelve years old.



Game and Story Use

  • The Badass Lolita makes workable PC, albeit a possibly annoying one depending on the level of cuteness.
  • She works well as an NPC adversary too.
    • If your players are too genre-savvy to underestimate her, perhaps she can just creep them out!
    • If she's powerful enough, she could be the BBEG herself!
    • This is a particularly 'interesting' appearance for an eldritch abomination to take - consider Alma from FEAR and Shivering Jenny from Sandman.
  • For Japanimation themed campaigns, consider this as a look for hitgirls (as per Kill Bill) or a look for killer robots (up to and including T1000/T-X knock offs like Polly Alloy from 2000AD's Sinister and Dexter).
  • Be aware that the desire to play "loli" characters of any kind can be a bad sign in players… definitely a red flag unless the player is known and trusted.

Building This Character

Character Level

  • The point is that they look like a low-level nothing, but are secretly much better.


  • You don't want to look like the badass you are, so while Stamina and Agility can be high, you probably need to shy away from muscle. Exceptions can be made for cases where your strength has a non-visible supernatural origin.
  • A decent Charisma or Appearance can help with masquerading as just some cute kid.


  • I think I'd try "wasting" a smattering of points on various hobbies and childish things, to sell the concept, but then pick one or two narrow areas of badassitude to specialize in and put the rest of my points. That way, it's like an on-off switch - either you're a goofy little kid, or hell on wheels, depending on the situation.

Special Abilities

  • As mentioned above, some versions have magic and powers. Given that you probably don't have much of a Strength score, it's probably easier to make the magic or psionic version than to make a Badass Lolita that does large amounts of melee damage.
  • Alternatively, take any stats you like and then buy an alternate form or glamour that makes you look like a little girl, even if you're not.

Flaws and Hindrances

  • Some games uses slightly different stats for kids, or restrict your skill choices. If your system doesn't have anything like that, talk to the GM. You may be able to convince them to let you trade in or shift around your points a bit to model the character better.
  • Likewise, child characters (and even child-looking adults) may have various social drawbacks (think "not now, kiddo" or "why aren't you in school")

Combat Role

  • Given the unassuming packaging, you may fit into the Sneak Attacker role.
  • Another option would be the Glass Cannon - deadly but vulnerable.


  • This is a pretty broad trope, so you've got some freedom. Think about the other details of the character, and tailor your stats and powers to match them.
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