Badlands Guardian
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Basic Information

The Badlands Guardian is a geological formation in Alberta, Canada which resembles a human wearing a Native American headdress. Thanks to a later added oil well and road, it also seems to wear earphones.


Game and Story Use

  • What entity was bound into this place, and what does it guard against?
    • Given the later addition of symbolic earphones, perhaps the Guardian was listening for an ancient foe - a foe that it now no longer hear?
      • And which can now be freed by the cult worshiping it without fear of reprisal from the Guardian, which no doubt also arranged for the oil well (perhaps by infiltrating the oil industry)?
  • IIRC, the Australian Aborigines believe Ayers Rock to be a primordial being which is kept docile by being sung to - perhaps the addition of the headphones are adding a new level of symbolic binding to an entity similarly imprisoned here.
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