Bar Brawl
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Basic Information

The Bar Brawl is a classic trope where a fight breaks out in a bar, and quickly spreads from the original angry parties to everyone else in the bar. In movies, Bar Brawls have an amazing ability to never result in serious injuries for the participants, while at the same time destroying tons of scenery and props. The most important part of a bar brawl (other than the contagious way it spreads to the whole bar) is the use of Improvised Weapons. Liquor Bottles, Mugs, Chairs, Table, even Windows are fair game.

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Game and Story Use

  • A Western just isn't a Western without a good Bar Brawl.
    • Of course, unless your game mechanics differentiate between lethal and nonlethal attacks, it may be hard to get PC Antiheroes to play nice.
  • Bar Brawls are breaking out all over town. No one's been badly hurt, surprisingly enough, but the damage to bars and the public peace is starting to have a bad impact on the local economy and nightlife. What's happening? Is it a virulent meme, an evil curse, a rage-inducing disease, or something weirder yet? Only the PCs can find out.
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