Bat Bomb
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Basic Information

Bat Bombs were experimental weapons developed by the United States during World War II. They consisted of live bats to which small incendiary devices were attached. The goal was to release the bats from high-altitude planes over Japanese cities via parachute, whererupon the bats would spread out and search for places to roost - where then the incendiary devices would trigger and cause fire in the typically highly flammable Japanese buildings. While tests were seen as favorable, the project was cancelled because live deployment would take too long and the research was overshadowed by the atomic bomb.



Game and Story Use

  • This could be theoretically done at more primitive tech levels, using clockwork devices and chemical/alchemical preparations.
    • It gets even easier if magic enters the picture - imagine what someone with animal summoning/controlling magic could do, as well as spells that can be triggered later.
    • A fantasy campaign could also use "fire bats" or some similarly enhanced critter.
  • Alternatively bats could be loaded down with plague bearing fleas (or some similar parasite) and used as a biological weapon - if vampire bats are available, then the animals themselves could be infected.
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