Bazaar On Deeva
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Basic Information

In Robert Asprin's Mythadventures series, Deeva is a desolate wasteland inhabited by creatures known as Deveels. They have red skin, cloven hooves and horns and look very much like the traditional representation of devils, but there's nothing supernatural about them. Okay, so actually most of them know quite a bit of magic, but they aren't interested in your soul. Just your cash.

Because their dimension is so inhospitable, the Deveels have become ruthless, cut-throat merchants in order to survive. They travel throughout the dimensions acquiring consumer goods that they sell at The Bazaar, a ginormous open-air market which is the only reason anybody ever goes to Deeva.

You can get any type of object, magical or otherwise, somewhere at the Bazaar. For a price.

As the Demon Aahz put it, "if you think you've gotten a good deal from a Deveel, first count your fingers, then your limbs, then your relatives."

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1. book: Another Fine Myth by Robert Lynn Asprin and its sequels

Game and Story Use

  • The Bazaar makes a lovely base of operations for the PCs in a lighter fantasy campaign
  • It's also a good place to acquire magic swords, armor, gadgets, etc.
    • Use caution, however. You know that one of your characters is going to want to buy a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher from Honest Zarquar's House of Armaments. Be careful about letting your players get their hands on game-breaking toys.
      • In canon, there's unofficial rules about bringing high-tech devices into low-tech dimensions. Some Demons leak higher-tech items while pretending to be inventors, but go too high above the current level and you might get the Assassin's Guild set on you.
  • A Deveel might hire the PC's to acquire a specific artifact.
    • Or collect from a customer who's late in his payments…
    • Maybe it's the PC's who are late with their payments and are forced to work off their debt!
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