Bear Dogs
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Basic Information

Bear dogs (Amphicyonidae) were a pre-historic species of Carnivoran mammals related to both the bear family and the dog family. Bear dogs are, appropriately, hypothesized to have looked like genetic hybrids of bears and dogs. Fossil evidence exists placing bear dogs in North America as recently as 10,000 years ago. Some speculate that the waheela, a wolflike cryptid said to dwell in the region of Headless Valley on the South Nahanni River in the the Nahanni National Park Reserve (Canada), represent a relic population of pre-historic bear dogs.


Game and Story Use

  • The waheela population of Headless Valley are, in fact, pre-historic bear dogs.
    • Recently, a group of weekend warriors on a rafting trip in the Headless Valley region of the South Nahanni River was discovered dead. All appeared to have been torn to shreds by a very large pack of predators that exhibit neither characteristics of wolves or bears. What could have done this?
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