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Basic Information

A bergan (not to be confused with Bergen - which is a city in Norway) is a large backpack issued to members of the United Kingdom armed forces. The name is generic and does not refer to any particular pattern or manufacturer and serves to distinguish the full size pack from smaller patrol packs or daysacks. Members of HM forces will usually refer to any large rucksack as a bergan - and may extend the term to any sizable item of luggage.

The bergan is part of CEMO1, but will be discarded prior to entering combat, ideally in a camp or patrol harbour but otherwise in a bergan cache2.

Bergans were initially issued only to special units - the remainder having to make do with the accessory packs issued with their personal load carrying equipment - but eventually even high command noticed that these were inadequate and extended issue.

Etymology is disputed - some authorities trace their origin to the larger packs issued to the allied expedition to Norway in 1940, others to the name of a manufacturer - either Berghaus or "Bergan of Norway".


ArRSepedia on bergans.

Game and Story Use

  • Useful to know if you're having anything to do with HM Forces.
    • Good for spotting a fake Brit - if he was a hat of any kind later than the 70s and calls his large pack anything other than a bergan, he's unlikely to be a brit.
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