Beware the time-eater - Cambridge University's monstrous new clock
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September 18, 2008: Cambridge University reveals the "Corpus Clock", a new clock which incorporates a mechanical creature - a mixture of beetle and lizard - into its design. This creature, dubbed the "chronophage" or "time-eater" by its creator, is intended to be disturbing and to show that "time is not on your side".


Game and Story Use

  • A clock like this might be an actual artifact with time-related powers, or just a MacGuffin for the PCs to chase after.
    • Perhaps it devours the life-time of those nearby - and stores it for retrieval for the creator of the Clock. He might use that extra time to become immortal.
    • Might serve as a damper soaking up side effects from time altering technology or magic.
  • The chronophage itself can be a good inspiration for a fantastical creature - perhaps it drains away the remaining years of a victim's life after biting it?
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