Big Screwed Up Family
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GM: "So ye're lookin' fer the Grimmwalds, eh?" says an elderly tavern patron with one arm

Briggs the Barbarian: "Yes, and what is it to you?"

GM: "I've come to warn ye: Stop looking. Ye won't like what you find. The Grimmwalds are as decadent as they are wealthy and powerful, and the only time they aren't at each other's necks is when they're at the necks of anyone unfortunate enough to have harmed one of them in anyway whatsoever. Or when of them says one has. Or whenever one stumbles on a secret they'd rather be kept as such. Or hinders any of their Matriarch's countless schemes. Sometimes they do it just for kicks. I'm telling ye, DON'T GET IN WITH THE GRIMMWALDS!!!

Basic Information

A Big Screwed Up Family is one with many issues as well as wealth and power. As abusive as they may be to each other, they are even worse to anyone who pisses off even one of them.



Game and Story Use

  • The PCs could be an enemy of a Big Screwed Up Family, in which case they will be facing a foe with a lot of resources at their disposal and a grudge against the PCs that will drive them to do unspeakably monstrous acts until the matter can be resolved.
  • They could be members, in which case they will be caught up in intrigue between various members of the family,and their power to do something about it will depend very much on what their position within the family is.
  • The PCs could be friends/assets of a Big Screwed Family, in which case they may be called in do do a "favor" for one of the members. This can range from assassination to blackmail to all sorts of things as long as it helps their patron and harms the enemies of that patron.
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