Big Well, Kansas
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Basic Information

The Big Well in Greensburg, Kansas (US) is the second largest hand dug well in the world at a depth of 109 feet deep and 32 feet in diameter (only the Pozzo di S. Patrizio built in 1527 in Orvieto, Italy, is larger, measuring 200 feet deep and 42 feet in diameter).

Big Well was built in 1887 at a cost of $45,000, and served as the municipal water supply until 1932. During construction, workers reportedly unearthed a Brenham half-ton (1,000 lb, 450 kg) pallasite meteorite. This unusual object was displayed in the Big Well visitor's center until the structure in question was destroyed during the devastating F5 tornado of 2007 that leveled 95% of the town.

Big Well was one of the few structures that survived the destruction of Greensburg during the F5 tornado of 2007. The meteorite also survived, but is currently housed in Wichita, Kansas pending the planned rebuilding of Greensburg.


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Game and Story Use

  • When workers were digging Big Well in 1887, water and meteorites were not the only thing that they dug up.
    • The meteorite was host to an alien organism that has since covertly infiltrated human society.
    • The mummified husk of an unknown creature was discovered during construction but has long since gone missing.
    • The well is home to an ancient thing that was bound beneath the Earth in a subterranean lake, millions of years ago.
  • An Evil Mastermind might build a secret base in some branch off of the well, using the main shaft to launch their helicopter or maybe the missile or satellite that they will use to hold the world hostage. Sure, Big Well isn't as fancy as building your base in volcano, but when you're just getting started in the BBEG business, you can't be choosy.
    • Perhaps the 2007 tornado is just a cover story for the battle between authorities and the Mad Scientist who used to live in the well. Or something.
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