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Basic Information

BigDog is a quadrupedal robot developed by Boston Dynamics. It is 1 m long, stands 0.7 m tall, and weighs 75 kg. It can navigate through difficult terrain at speeds up to 5.3 km/h and carry equipment up to 154 kg. It is very stable for a robot its size, and can regain stability even after slipping on ice or being kicked into the side by people. Its development was funded by DARPA.


2. Boston Dynamics page - with video

Game and Story Use

  • Imagine a pack of these - with remote-controlled machine guns attached to them - chasing you through a winter forest…
    • If you want to retain some semblance of plausibility, they will probably remain stationary when they fire.
    • See also this article:
  • The whining noise of the motors [2] might induce terror into their victims - like the Stukas of World War II.
  • The BigDog seems to qualify as nightmare fuel for some. Its odd appearance suggest to humans whose torsos meld into each other and thus have become a single creature. Its buzzing noise make it sound like it is inhabited by a rather nasty insect hive.
  • More plausibly, twenty minutes into the future an infantryman pushes a button on his radio to bring one of these sprinting up from the rear with fresh supplies, or alternatively a couple of these pace behind each section on foot patrol, carrying the men's bergens and/or water and ammunition (since a fully loaded bergen can be ~30kg a half section's worth will take up most of the dog's load on its own).
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